What is the “Next Big Thing” in Corporate Travel?

As GBTA 2019 approaches, we are looking forward to the fresh ideas, exciting innovation and unrelenting passion that the largest annual business travel convention brings. Here are a couple of topics GBTA 2019’s Fox attendees believe will have the greatest impact now and in the coming years.

Across industry publications, I’ve seen the topic brought up about decreasing traveler friction and designing personalized travel programs. This topic is bound to stay relevant. But, do you really know what decreasing friction means to your travelers? Have you asked what causes them pain in booking travel or during the actual travel experience? What you find out might surprise you. Several industry surveys show that business travelers don’t necessarily need or want exquisite hotel stays or business class on every flight to be satisfied. Some examples of smaller perks that go a long way are paying for TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry to decrease time spent in security lines. Another is creating a more efficient way to submit travel expenses once they are back in the office. I suggest just talking to your travelers. It doesn’t have to be a formal survey to provide insightful information. Ask them about their biggest pain points so you can design changes that matter to your travelers.

One of the most remarkable technology breakthroughs over the last few years has been artificial intelligence, or AI. At its core, AI is a field of computer science that studies how to teach computers to work and react like humans. The amount of digital information that travel companies use daily, including preferences, loyalty programs and history, makes AI exciting for the travel industry. At Fox, our vision for AI is to provide our agents with greater digital assistance, providing real-time insights and recommendations. We expect AI to enhance the traveler experience while ensuring the empathy and wisdom of the agent experience still remain.

These are just a couple of many ideas to be featured at this year’s GBTA. To get the full scoop, attend an educational session, all focused on the latest innovations in business travel.

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