What’s On Your Someday List?

At Fox, innovation and passion are at our core. We regularly encourage and empower our associates to live by our mantra of “Find A Way” and start their own “someday lists.”  You can see their someday lists scrawled on post its, written on their whiteboards or typed up in stream-of-consciousness documents housed on their computers. So, what is a someday list? It can include things you don’t have time for right now that you might want to get to in a few days, or it could be wild ideas for the future. Example: Wouldn’t it be cool if we had an internal artificial intelligence robot to help our associates quickly answer common FAQs so they can focus on the deeper questions and service? Guess what? That was on Fox’s someday list, and we are making it happen, right now.

So, what would be on your travel program’s someday list? 

Think about what your organization could benefit from right now, or imagine what the future of your program could look like, even if the technology or solution you have seems out of reach. Then bring the list to the next meeting with your TMC so together you can build a roadmap for your program.

The key to these someday lists is to dream big. Your business travelers help keep your company running, so think about what would make your travel program the best it can be. Then partner with a TMC who is not just ready, but excited to rise to the challenge. Fox’s award-winning service and technology innovation teams live for our clients’ someday lists. And, we have a proven track record of making our clients’ ideas a reality.

We recently developed a custom travel portal module for one of our clients that houses a library of their entire unused ticket inventory available and allows the client’s on-site agents to check out tickets for exchanging.

“Fox listens to understand our concepts, sometimes better than we can articulate them,” their travel manager said. “Their development team was fantastic to work with and kept us involved throughout to ensure the custom request fulfilled our vision. The tool has been a game changer for our team and Fox continues to surpass our expectations. They are truly an extension of our managed travel program.”

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“The thing I love most about the culture here at Fox is the constant drive for innovation,” said Fox Director of Application Development Jeremy Dyken. “I love being at a place and having a team that feels empowered to stretch out of their comfort zone to try new things. Things that we had written on our whiteboard last year as wild ideas for the future, we now are in full swing of implementing, because that’s the type of environment we have and the kind of people we hire.”

Still not sure where to start with your travel program’s someday list? Here are a few more examples of solutions we’ve built to help our clients’ someday lists come true:



Once your list is written, your someday might not be as far away as you think. Reach out to Fox and let’s to make your someday today.


Meet Our “Someday Team” to Help Make Your Someday Happen Today

Someday List

Jeremy Dyken, Director of Application Development

Jeremy creates solutions for our clients by designing and developing custom applications to meet their unique and varying needs.


Someday List

Jared Bachman, Director of Travel Technology

Jared facilitates all aspects of our clients’ travel technology solutions, including online booking, reporting, agent scripting, technology processes and more.


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