Why Use an Incentive Travel Company

Finding a creative, lasting way to thank employees for a job well done or get them excited to work toward a goal can be challenging, which is why many companies are turning toward incentive travel companies. By partnering with a travel management company that offers incentive travel, you can determine what type of incentive travel is right for your staff and which experiences will be rewarding while falling within your budget. Go it alone — at the very least you could be overwhelmed, and at the worst, find that you don’t have the expertise to plan the ideal incentive travel within your available resources.

TMCs and incentive travel: a natural and beneficial pairing

Finding a trusted TMC can make the experience of planning incentive travel rewarding for all involved. James Keller, Vice President of Meetings and Incentives for Fox World Travel, has 30 years of experience working to plan and execute incentive trips for award winners, management teams and top producers. He knows what works and has a seemingly bottomless well of creative incentive travel ideas.

Keller says he and the team at Fox World Travel manage incentive travel for companies all over the United States—for small, medium and large groups of employees. He knows firsthand that there are several benefits to partnering with a top incentive travel company.

Let’s take a closer look.

Incentive travel planners can help you get there, whatever the goal

When you partner with a TMC like Fox World Travel that has business and vacation travel expertise, you’ll start by exploring what you want to get out of the experience.

“We try to find out the company goals and then build the program around those goals,” Keller explains.

He says there are several possible reasons you may want to plan incentive travel for staff. But overall, an incentive trip is meant to reward or motivate employees. Here are some reasons you may want to offer incentive travel:

  • To celebrate a sales accomplishment
  • To mark meeting a goal
  • To award management staff
  • To recognize top producers
  • To say thank you

Once the goal is defined, Keller puts his business and vacation travel expertise to use.

“One of the big things we bring to the table is knowledge of the destination and resort or cruise line,” Keller says. “We ask many questions in the planning process to make sure we’re hitting it out of the park.”

Here’s where many companies begin to stall out and encounter logistical hang-ups if they don’t have a TMC’s support. Those hang-ups can stem from a number of issues:

  • Lack of familiarity with an area or resort; not knowing if it’s going to fit their group’s needs
  • Lack of experience negotiating and getting the best possible prices
  • Lack of knowledge for planning excursions
  • Lack of knowledge about what will inspire a team on a trip
  • Lack of time to handle a multitude of details

For a seasoned incentive travel planner, tackling these issues is a regular part of their job. The result: when you partner with an incentive travel company with business and vacation travel expertise, you get the benefit of their vast knowledge about destinations, regions and resorts. You realize cost savings because of their negotiation savvy, and you can tap into their expertise about excursions. A TMC can also help you understand potential business tax write-offs, if qualifying business meetings are a part of the travel, for example. You will also have access to their technology, which at Fox World Travel, includes seamless online registration and electronic apps.

“We have tech experts on staff who work to build those for their group,” Keller says. Apps can simplify everything from planning special meals, tracking who is registered and the myriad details that arise when planning incentive travel.

Most of all, when you work with an incentive travel company, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re getting solid advice from someone who understands your goal and knows how to work toward it to incentivize and inspire your team.

Incentive travel: beyond your average bonus

When it comes to rewarding staff, incentive travel is anything but average.

“It’s not like giving a cash bonus they’ll pay their utility bill with,” says Keller. “Travel is a great motivator. It builds lifelong memories.”

And whether your company is large or small, regardless of the size of your team, and no matter what your industry, chances are there are opportunities to put incentive travel to work for you.

Keller points out that many times a company travel planner or travel manager may also be among those enjoying the incentive travel. That’s a great reason to partner with a TMC, too, so they can enjoy the benefit. “If you’ve got people who are planning the trip and they’re supposed to be getting motivated themselves, we have onsite specialists to handle all the details—that’s what they do.”

Choose an incentive travel company for a rewarding and stress-free experience

There are so many benefits to partnering with a TMC to plan your company’s incentive travel. From their specialization in knowing destinations and resorts, to their ability to negotiate pricing, to their understanding of what motivates and inspires staff. But perhaps at the top is the fact that incentive travel specialists can make the experience rewarding and stress-free for everyone.

“We make it a seamless experience–from the time they leave home to the time they get to the resort,” Keller says.

Incentive travel companies can mean the difference between incentive travel that runs over budget and misses the mark and trips that make memories and inspire for a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about incentive travel for your valued employees, and how top incentive travel companies can help you reward and motivate staff, contact us or call 888.369.8785.

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