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WINiT is a network of women and men focused on driving positive change for the career mobility of women in travel-related industries. WINiT is a non-profit and educational organization that provides members with a variety of unique career development opportunities including leadership and industry training, mentoring, recruiting, career search services, as well as educational, inspirational, and networking events. At Fox, we support and stand behind the initiatives WINiT has brought to the forefront of our industry. At GBTA 2022 we had two of our Fox family members, Beth Marino, Chief Experience Officer, and Vivian Maxwell-Smith, Global Sales Director attend the WINiT summit on Sunday August 14th. Below, Beth and Vivian illustrate their experience this year at the summit and share why WINiT is personally important to them.


Beth Marino – Chief Experience Officer

On the Sunday prior to GBTA the WINiT by GBTA Summit took place in sunny San Diego, and I was fortunate enough to attend my second in-person event, the first being the WINiT Summit prior to GBTA in Chicago in 2019.

Attending WINiT is an amazing way to kick off the GBTA week.  The event includes personal and professional development through inspirational speakers, and panels made up of the WINiT board members, glass breakers and committee members.  This year’s keynote speaker Anese Cavanaugh shared an incredible message about the impact of our intentions, energy, and presence and how it can elevate the quality of our leadership. 

I have been a member of WINiT since 2016, and last year joined the WINiT Male Allyship committee.  With every year I have been a part of this organization it has helped me to grow, network, and I have enjoyed being part of a supportive organization focused on elevating women in travel. 

I encourage all women and men interested in personal growth and leadership development, who would like to understand what it means to be an ally and share your voice to elevate others to consider joining the WINiT organization.  You can do this by simply participation in education opportunities or being a committee member, a WINiT mentor, or WINiT mentee.   



Vivian Maxwell Smith – Global Sales Director

I became interested in WINiT when it was launched in 2014.  When I read that Mick Lee had founded WINiT in response to a lack of female representation at senior executive levels and at speaking engagements in the travel and hospitality industry, a sector with an employee base that is more than 65 percent female…I just had to know more.  Fox supported my attending one of the launch conferences held in Dallas in 2014. 

While founded on the foundation of supporting the long-term change for women across the industry.  I am so pleased to see the organization embrace ALL in the travel community.  I wish all of my industry connections could have attended the summit it, as it was extremely IMPACTFUL!  I am sure all who attended will agree it inspired us to look for ways to create positive change in the industry not only for our own career development but for those who need the support we each can provide. I plan to become more involved in WINiT as well as looking for day to day opportunities to lift someone up! 


If you missed convention this year and would like to hear more on what our team of experts experienced on the tradeshow floor or predict will be focal points for the future, connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter! 


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