Your 2022 Goals Solved

Whether IMPACT for you today is around cost savings, traveler resources or simply tracking and efficiency, Fox has strategic partnerships in place to support your objectives.

Experiencing FOMO (Fear of missing out)?

Some are quick wins simply based on your relationship with Fox and some are more dialed into custom needs. Whatever it is your program is measuring, Fox has already created the in-road for you.


Gain Additional Travel Savings? Check out Rocketrip. Rocketrip influences behavior by incentivizing your travelers to book the most cost-effective option within your policy, and even reward them for doing so!


Tracking Out-of-Program Travel? Meet Traxo. Traxo helps mitigate risks and provides visibility so you can reduce costs associated with travel booked outside of your view.


Reducing Ancillary Travel Costs? Fox custom negotiated agreements with SpotHero and TheParkingSpot help save at every “spot” and our program offerings with Lyft Business and Carey International make it both convenient and classy.


And that’s just the start. The fact is, Fox has partnerships across the globe that are intended to make your program easier to follow, more cost effective to manage and an overall better experience for your road warriors.

These partners and the many other programs, partnerships and agreements Fox has established on your behalf are just the beginning of how we can benefit and positively IMPACT your travel program.


Have a New Year’s goal to conquer?  Let’s make a plan for that. Just ask.


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