With over 20 years of customer service expertise and a background in booking for Great Wolf Lodge, Jordan has honed his skills in understanding people’s needs and desires. Now, as a dedicated travel advisor, he is committed to creating tailored experiences that truly match your preferences.

Among Jordan’s most cherished destinations is Israel, a place that captured his heart during his visit as part of the birthright experience in 2012. From the lush green landscapes of Haifa and the mystical cobblestone streets of Tzfat to the vibrant nightlife of Tel-Aviv and the spiritual significance of Masada in the desert, Israel offers a diverse range of experiences. Jordan recalls the awe-inspiring moments of witnessing the handwritten Torah and the surreal sensation of floating effortlessly in the Dead Sea. For Jordan, Israel holds a special place as a go-to trip that he recommends to fellow travelers whenever possible.

While Jordan appreciates moments of relaxation, he is particularly fond of all-inclusive travel experiences. The allure of an all-inclusive getaway allows you to unwind and focus on indulging in rejuvenating activities without the worry of planning meals or logistics. Picture yourself basking in the sun, enjoying a full-body deep tissue massage, and savoring refreshing drinks by the ocean or pool.

With a deep connection to East and Southeast Asia through in-laws and friends, Jordan nurtures a passionate desire to explore this culturally rich region. From Malaysia to Thailand, Laos to Japan, and Korea, he aims to immerse himself in the diverse traditions and customs of these captivating destinations.

Embrace the expertise and personalized touch of Jordan as your travel advisor. Let him guide you towards remarkable adventures that match your interests, preferences, and desire for relaxation. Contact Jordan today, and embark on a journey that will create memories to last a lifetime.