Traveler Experience and Care

Your travelers can offer valuable feedback on your program, so we give them the tools to be heard. And not only do we give you guidance to take action on these insights, we use the feedback to drive our own improvements and innovations. We get you better buy-in, higher compliance and build happy travelers

“Everything we do at Fox, from our processes, customer service training and even the technology we create holds the traveler experience at its core,” said Fox Director of Customer Experience Mia Beltran. “It’s not just about getting people from A to Z, but making sure that before, during and after travel they are supported. We work closely with our travel managers to identify how a potential traveler is feeling each step of the way, from the excitement of getting on a plane to the anxiety of being away from home. This helps an organization a create custom travel program based on their travelers needs.”

Case Study

By using the latest customer data, Fox can stay ahead in the ever-changing industry that is travel. Fox’s focus on the needs of the customer was featured in this case study from our NPS® survey partner Listen360.

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