Fox World Travel Welcomes Keri Furlano to the Team

It is always exciting for everyone involved when a company continues to grow and improve, and nothing helps a business grow more than good people. That is why Fox World Travel is proud to announce the official hiring of Keri Furlano, who is joining the Client Solutions team at Fox.

Furlano got her start over 25 years ago as a Group Air Coordinator and has been both a Corporate Travel Manager and a Senior Director of Events and Travel. For most of her career, Furlano has been delivering great results in travel management.

“Fox has an excellent reputation in the industry for providing exceptional customer service.  Along with the position feeling like the right fit, the culture of family at Fox made it a clear choice for me.”

-Keri Furlano

Along with her loving family, Furlano is inspired by having the opportunity to work with all kinds of people to help make their travel plans go smoothly. She truly enjoys being a trustworthy person that clients know they can count on for support.

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With exciting additions to the team like Keri Furlano, Fox World Travel excited to continue to grow and make relationships with clients stronger than ever so we can soar together!

Keri Furlano

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