Morgan fell in love with traveling after spending two weeks exploring South Africa with her family when she was only 10 years old. Since then, traveling has become her biggest passion in life! Although she recently joined the travel industry as part of the Vacation Travel Institute (VTI), Morgan is quite an experienced traveler.

Morgan’s passion for travel has taken her around the world! She has traveled to South Africa, Spain, Jamaica, and Australia, where she studied abroad. She’s also very experienced traveling domestically around the United States including Hawai’i, Arizona, New York, Florida, California, South Carolina, Texas, and Michigan. Morgan cannot wait to continue exploring everything the world has to offer! She hopes to travel to Thailand soon so she can get one step closer to completing her ultimate travel goal: visiting all seven continents. Four down and only three more to go!

Hawai’i holds a special place in Morgan’s heart! She has been to O’ahu three times – with her fourth trip coming up in December where she intends to spend some time on the Big Island. Plus, she is a certified Hawai’i Destination Expert. Aside from Hawai’i, Morgan is also interested in Australia, South Africa, Europe, as well as other tropical destinations.

Finally, she loves helping others see the world through travel. It is very important to her that you not only get the most out of your time away, but also fall in love with the destination! Her own travel experiences combined with her desire to help others travel, she can help you create the trip of your dreams! The only question remaining is, where do you want to go?!

Morgan's Recent Trips