Duty of Care

Today’s travel managers say that corporate travel safety is a top priority for business travel programs. Fox World Travel understands this concern and has tools available to ensure greater duty of care.

Corporate travel safety

Through our global partners like BCD Travel, we provide duty of care tools and services to bring you breaking information and global travel assistance to our clients. With these tools, you will be able to know where your traveler is located, monitor the situation and share important information with your business travelers.

Global travel service tools

Your travelers will feel more secure knowing that our global travel services are at work for them.

  • When a lack of international location knowledge causes travelers to feel uncomfortable, they can access a mobile suite of tools that enables travelers to easily navigate language and culture barriers.
  • Travelers can receive all the details needed on a specific destination, including travel advisories, risk assessments, visa and passport requirements, and currency exchange rates through a service that also monitors and alerts travelers about real-time global situations that may impact travel or their safety.
  • Through an insurance provider partner, travelers are offered comprehensive security, medical and concierge services and coverage for specified security costs or costs due to evacuations.

Business travel communication tools

We offer a number of business travel communication tools to ensure greater duty of care for your traveler.

  • Know the real-time status of travelers: Travel managers can utilize a messaging tool that lets you know where your travelers are at any given point in the business travel journey. From your desktop, you’ll be able to see their travel activity, as well as the risk level in specific countries. This tool also provides for two-way messaging so you can text or email one or several travelers about specific risks and receive messages back confirming their safety.
  • Destination messaging: When a traveler is en route to his or her destination, travel managers can provide duty of care information via SMS text messaging.
  • Custom travel portal: We will develop a web portal for you to easily converse with your traveler from the convenience of your desk.

Corporate travel safety is as important to us as it is to you.

Learn more about our duty of care and risk management portfolio that will enhance your business travel program.

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