If you’re considering restructuring your travel management configuration, now is the perfect time to explore opportunities Fox can offer, including a dedicated account agent service model.

This configuration has many names, including onsite, rent-a-plate, corporate travel desk, implant, dedicated resource team…and the list goes on.

Whatever you call it, we can customize the configuration that offers you the control needed to support your travelers. From proprietary technology to extensive, hands-on training, Fox is here to partner with you. We are here to support you.  

Fox has significant experience supporting Dedicated Account Agent (or in-house) travel departments, resulting in a high level of efficiency and quality. Fox provides customers direct access to our Global Distribution System and beneficial third-party software to optimize your on-site agents’ efficiency and ensure they have full access to discounts, unused tickets, proprietary Fox tools and more. 


“A dedicated agent service model is a great option for organizations seeking personalized support, ultimate control or a ‘high-touch’ service option for travelers. Further, we can utilize your own agents or agents employed by Fox to work exclusively with your travelers.”

– Alisha Lembke, Senior Director of Business Travel Operations


A dedicated account agent service model is one trend returning to travel management. Not to be confused with a designated team, this type of travel management program is built using an on-site or rent-a-plate configuration.

Using this service model is popular because it offers a personalized service approach, and it can be customized using your associate to leverage Fox’s booking system.

Equally, you can choose to have a dedicated Fox associate to work exclusively with your travelers.

It’s an excellent option for companies seeking personalized support, ultimate control, or simply organizations that are seeking a ‘high touch’ travel management policy.

How Fox does Dedicated Account Agent Service Better

We understand managing travel can feel like an island and work-life balance is challenging.  

Whether you are seeking training, support, control, reporting, or simply backup, Fox offers customized solutions for you and your travelers.

We understand that every organization is unique, so our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. We listen and dig deep to understand your travelers, culture, priorities, and goals to customize a solution that improves the traveler experience and saves your organization time and money.


Let us understand your workflow and help make it more efficient while keeping you in control. Whether you seek to automate low-fare searches, online queue management, virtual cards, or general communications, we have you covered.

If efficiency is a priority, we have a solution! Fox provides access to the GDS, proprietary Fox tools, and beneficial third-party software to optimize your dedicated agents’ efficiency and ensure they have full access to discounts, unused tickets, reporting analytics, and more.

We understand your time is valuable. Therefore, we create tools and technology with you in mind.


We developed a proprietary agent desktop plugin in partnership with Travelport to improve workflow and create efficiencies. Whether you are seeking customized compliance messaging or unused ticket management, we have a solution.

Concur Compleat

We streamline workflow by customizing automation in partnership with Concur Compleat for ticketing, exchanges and schedule changes to ensure your dedicated agents aren’t spending unnecessary time on manual tasks.


We offer thorough training and support to help streamline your process and ensure your dedicated agents have the resources they need. Rest assured, you are in good hands with our training and continuing education opportunities.

Whether you need frequent backup support or occasional agent services, we offer complete flexibility. Our rollover service allows calls to automatically redirect to a Fox agent when your dedicated agent is busy or away.

Unlike other companies that outsource their support to third-party companies, our after-hours and backup support teams are in-house Fox-employed agents, supporting your travelers whenever a travel disruption arises.

“I like having someone to reach out to that has their place in the travel industry. Fox is readily available for anything I need. Plus, I can only ‘hand hold’ so many hours in a day. That is why having a partner like Fox to provide custom technology and after-hours service is important because I am only one person handling travel for the entire company.”


Services to support in-house travel departments include:

  • Direct, hands-on support from an operations manager.
  • 24/7/365 in-house backup and after-hours team to support you with overflow calls whenever you need extra support.
  • Onsite support team to help with reservations and answer questions.
  • Training support, including international, policy, technology, and more.
  • Communication of industry and technology updates/enhancements.
  • International rate desk support, ensuring the best possible rates and routing on complex international travel.

24/7/365 After-Hours & Backup Support

Our in-house backup and after-hours support teams are available around the clock to answer any questions or provide assistance when needed. They are also trained to handle any urgent travel issues or last-minute itinerary changes.

Technical Support and Training

Fox’s trainers, operations manager, travel technology team, and IT team are all available to dedicated staff to answer technical and procedural questions. They also create and update systems to help streamline the client-agent workload.

Fulfillment Coordinators

Exchanges and fare reductions are processed by fulfillment coordinators, saving onsite agents valuable time and resources to focus on your travelers and other responsibilities.



See how Fox is making an impact and helping companies transform their onsite travel programs

“We have a very successful in-house travel department due in part to the help that Fox has given us; from high-end reporting, new technology and products, all the way down to their 24-hour agent support.  We are extremely happy with their level of responsiveness to our company’s needs and their dedication to high quality service.”