Aspects to Consider When Evaluating Corporate Travel Options

Evaluating the needs of your travel management program can be a confusing process for businesses. It is crucial to understand what your travel management company offers as you continue to evolve as a company and customize the services you prefer.

When analyzing what is best for you in refining your TMC contract, it is important to look at areas of your current program and address key aspects to decide what’s important to you. Assessing your policies approach to service, technological advances and the ability to adapt to current times has a profound effect on the success of your program.

Some questions you should ask yourself are is the level of service you are receiving optimal and up to the standards of your company, whether the vendor partnerships are getting you the savings you’re looking for and if the technology offerings are making you and your travelers’ experience better.

Personalized Service

Large conglomerate TMCs can set you up with a broad scope of everything you need to run a travel program. This is good if you’re looking for something simple to get started and if your travel needs are minimal. But, if you’re looking for a contact and areas of change should you want that, you may find these lacking.

To ensure your program is constantly improving and that you are receiving the personal, customized service you deserve, approach your relationship with your TMC as a partnership.  Client solutions managers are there to help you fine-tune your policy to fit your needs.

”Working with a TMC that takes a consultative, customized approach to managing your travel program is one of the greatest investments you can make,” says Vice President of Global Client Solutions, George Kalka. “Your TMC should be your trusted business partner and deliver solutions that complement the unique travel requirements and culture of your organization.”

For an added benefit to your travelers, use an agency with 24/7 in-house agent support services, like Fox emergency services team, that are helpful and optimize your business travel experience.

Vendor Agreements

When analyzing vendor agreements, look at the rates you currently are locked into compared to what else is out there. You could be paying hidden fees and other costs that might not be beneficial to your company’s travel needs. Ask yourself if the cost is too high for the services being offered.

Working with a TMC that has established, close vendor partnerships can help negotiate and work better deals for your travel program.

Technology Offerings

With today’s ever-growing technology, innovative apps and consumer convenience are as important as ever. Are there capabilities you wish you had, or are there pain points that you and your travelers have not had answered?

Ask about customized technology or even the possibility of building technology to answer your biggest needs. Ask yourself what is most important for your business travel plan to be successful.

Examples of areas of improvement include booking tools, waiver services, expense management and analytics. Do not be left behind operating with a behind the times approach, and instead seek out the forward-thinking solutions to make for a simpler experience for the business traveler.


While evaluating your travel program, analyze as a company the areas above and if expectations and standards are being met. Understanding what is available to you helps create a transparent travel experience for everybody involved.

At Fox, we make sure our existing clients have all the necessary data to ensure a customizable and efficient travel process. Refining and understanding the important aspects of the perfect TMC is key to making sure your company is getting the quality service it deserves.

Want to go over your travel program? We can work with you to analyze areas of improvement.

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