Fox World Travel Launches Cognition, the Latest in Business Intelligence

About Cognition

Cognition is the business intelligence product that our Data Analytics team has developed over the last year, and we are just launching for our clients. Cognition is defined as the process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. This is exactly what this Cognition is designed to do. It delivers what our clients have been asking for, the tools to be able to make more informed decisions about the state of their managed travel program.

Cognition is powered by a data visualization platform called Domo. Through Domo, Cognition collects and analyzes raw data daily from transactions, itineraries, traveler surveys and several other sources. Cognition then takes this raw data and turns it into actionable insights for our corporate travel managers.

“Today, we’re using Cognition in our client business reviews to highlight in real-time the key performance indicators (KPIs) of their program,” said Fox Data Analytics Manager Dylan Christian. “In these reviews, we can drill all the way down to the individual transaction level to show why a KPI is trending a certain way. This creates the opportunity for a consultative conversation around what is occurring and why.”

The Future of Cognition

Cognition is built on an incredibly scalable platform, allowing for an infinite amount of room for continued innovation. Currently, our technology teams have identified two areas of exploration for the future:

Predictive Analytics

With all of the data we collect and use to report on historical trends, Fox is now starting to leverage some established predictive algorithms to project out the next several quarters. We are already utilizing this in holistic areas such as overall travel spend and traveler sentiment.

When looking to what’s next, Fox Chief Information Officer Sam Hilgendorf said, “We are currently experimenting right now on other, more granular areas where we can apply this capability, giving travel managers better insights as to where they could make meaningful changes to their program.”

Self-Service for Traveler Managers

Self-service is about providing our clients with both access to the platform and the ability to create their own visualizations of data.

“We are piloting this experience with our first client, and we’re experimenting in areas such as having the client integrate other complementary data source into their instance, and then incorporating that data into their KPIs,” said Hilgendorf.



For the latest information on Cognition and all that it can do for your travel program, contact us or stay tuned for more information.

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