How Technology Can Make a Positive Impact on Meetings and Incentives

Technology impacts all parts of our lives – streamlining processes, allowing for instant communication, reducing costs and reducing the human power needed to complete tasks. What technology can be used to impact your event?



Nearly every event has a website but paying careful attention to include the information your attendees are looking for up front will make for satisfied attendees and reduce the time needed for event staff to address attendee questions. Including ample white space, keeping character count by line short and an easy-to-read format are just the start of making your website great. Lists and quick tips can also make the information more easily understood by your attendees.



Registration is often your attendee’s first opportunity to interact with your event. Be sure to communicate to attendees in advance any information or documents they need to complete the process and keep it simple – the more streamlined the registration, the more likely attendees are to complete it accurately and in full. Collecting attendee information through an established registration software allows you to do so with little effort on your team, to collect the information securely and allows for accurate reporting to best manage your program. When attendees arrive on-site, check-in can be completed in just a few taps on a screen, either by registration staff or by the attendee themselves, creating a contactless arrival at the event.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps deliver high impact to events, allowing attendees to connect with one another, providing a streamlined communication process for last minute changes and putting all the information your attendees will need in one location. Whether through photo sharing or a mobile app game, attendees love to see the experience of others at the event and even participate in a little healthy competition, increasing their overall engagement. Use of a mobile app also allows for reduction of paper needed for program materials, putting all the necessary information in one place for the attendee, which is great for the attendee and the environment.



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