Why Attend Industry Events

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Convention is the largest annual business travel conference and a prime example of an industry event that can help grow your business and career. This year’s GBTA is being held in Orlando, FL from November 17th – 19th, 2021. Featuring 175+ exhibitors, 70+ education and professional development sessions, and attendees representing over 50 countries, this is the must-attend event in business travel. As a long time attendee, here is why we think it’s important to attend events with a large impact such as GBTA.


The Transformation of Travel

Industry events such as GBTA are a great opportunity for industry professionals to stay on top of the latest trending technology and topics.

“At Fox, we believe in Travel, and we believe in the relationships organizations build with their customers and partners. We are attending GBTA and are beyond excited to engage with everyone after such a long time of being apart,” says Fox Vice President of Business Travel George Kalka.

“With over a year of being virtual, GBTA will be a welcome change of pace for our industry to show organizations that travel is possible, and reacquaint us with the benefits of human connection.”


Professional Development & Educational Opportunities

GBTA and other events offer endless opportunities for professional development and education. By walking through the expo floor, you are not only bound to walk away with awesome swag, but you will also leave the conference a more well-rounded professional.

A big driver of change in all industries is technology. From the auto to medical industry, and everything in between, technology is always advancing and the possibilities continues to evolve.  Large industry events are a fountain of knowledge showcased through education sessions covering new technology and a wide variety of other relevant topics. We encourage you to attend sessions that interest you in addition to those you may not know much about.

If you’re attending this year’s GBTA, research and attend some of the 40 plus educational sessions.  There is sure to be a session that will stick with you long after the convention doors close.


Networking with Suppliers & Peers

The world of business travel is similar to many other industries in that it is all about connections and who you know! These connections often make the difference in receiving travel incentives as part of your travel program.

“From a supplier standpoint, GBTA is the most important event I attend every year. It gives me the opportunity to schedule meetings with our key partners, stay up to date on the important issues facing our industry and impacting our customer base. It is a great week of networking and solidifying partnerships that helps our business grow and allows us to best serve our customers,” says Fox Vice President of Supplier Solutions Mike Heck.


Are you attending this year’s GBTA? Let us know! Be sure to follow along with the latest GBTA news and content on our Linkedin page.


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