Creative incentive travel ideas

Rewarding top performers and motivating staff are key tactics for ensuring company success, and it turns out leveraging creative incentive trip ideas may be the key. Many companies are so busy today and do not have the time to come up with creative travel incentive ideas—so here are a few from our meetings and incentives experts to get you started.

Whether you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway to motivate staff or a travel incentive idea that raises the bar, check out these incentive trip ideas to reward and motivate your employees. Continue reading

Discover modern design, green cities and world-renowned gastronomy in Scandinavia

Astounding nature, northern lights, Vikings and Nordic culture intertwine with modern design, green cities and world-renowned gastronomy in Scandinavia.

Inviting cities, good design, happiness, sustainable living, good food, biking, nature—these are all words binding Denmark, Finland and Sweden together. The cultural experiences in Scandinavia are two-fold; the feeling of being in the culture of the happiest region in the world and the exploration of some of the best cultural institutions in the world; from the Abba Museum and Royal Danish Castles to the Santa Claus’ Office in Finnish Lapland. Continue reading

Diary from Machu Picchu

Guest post by Katie Tappa, Travel Consultant – Green Bay

It’s 3:15 a.m. and my cell phone alarm clock goes off.

At first, I think it must be a mistake, this is ridiculous. Then I remember, today is the day—I am visiting Machu Picchu.

I hurriedly brush my teeth and start putting on the layers of clothing I laid out the night before. It’s fall in Peru in an El Niño year, and, if all my travel experience has taught me anything, it’s anything can and will happen when it comes to the weather. The morning will likely be bone-chillingly cold and the afternoon could be hot, humid and sunny. So far, my time in Peru has been dreary and wet, so I don’t get my hopes up, but  I am prepared for anything.

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Evolution meets revolution to explore the Galapagos Islands

Introducing Celebrity FloraSM

Celebrity Cruises introduces Celebrity FloraSM, the first ship of its kind, designed specifically with the destination in mind—the Galapagos Islands. In its creation, we followed in the footsteps of our revolutionary new ship, Celebrity EdgeSM, by designing Celebrity Flora in 3-D. This advanced technology lets us experience every space on board in virtual reality to fine-tune every detail of the design before she’s even built. This process allows us to create the most state-of-the-art ship to ever sail the Galapagos Islands.
Celebrity Flora marks an evolutionary turning point in the approach to ship design by allowing the destination and its environment to inspire and influence every decision made. From the luxurious all-suites accommodations that incorporate sustainable, natural materials that complement the destination to the Dynamic Positioning System that enables the ship to stay on station without the use of anchors to help protect the seas, we’ve created a ship that truly differentiates between visiting this incredible corner of the world and experiencing it.

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An introduction to virtual payment for business travel

The payment landscape is changing.  Most major credit card issuers have announced they will require signatures for only significant charges. Just a handful years ago the ability to pay with your smartphone didn’t exist.  This payment evolution increases the use of virtual credit cards and impacts business travel.

According to a recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) / AirPlus study, virtual cards are widely accepted and used in Europe, whereas the U.S. market is still considered in the adoption phase.  About 11 percent of U.S. corporations use virtual cards for business travel payment, but that number is on the rise with GBTA expecting a notable increase in usage over the next two to three years. Continue reading

A look into Three Cellars

Guest Post by Jim Nelson, Three Cellars Owner

I started Three Cellars in October 2006 with my son-in-law, Shawn, to provide customers with excellent customer service and knowledge when purchasing fine wines and craft beers.  We have grown over the years to offer wine schools and off-site tastings.

My background is in wine. I enjoy helping customers pick the perfect wine to pair with a meal or teaching customers how to cook with wine. My wife, Norma, and I taste all the wines we bring into the store so we can provide first-hand knowledge, including growing area information. I also personally train the staff on the wines we sell. Continue reading

What is Business Travel Insurance?

It’s peace of mind for your company and your staff

When it comes to protecting your travelers and your company, you may be wondering: What is business travel insurance? And, does your company need it?

Simply put — business trip insurance can make all the difference when the going gets tough on the road. A survey by the Global Business Travel Association showed that of 2,000 companies surveyed, more than 300,000 travelers experienced trip disruptions costs in excess of $350 million. In addition, the average cost for medical evacuation for a traveler can exceed $10,000 — even reaching $75,000 from a remote location. Continue reading

Explore royal castles of the U.K.

This weekend Prince Harry and Megan Markle will marry at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Royal Weddings have always been a favorite for the public, who enjoy watching in the tradition and glamour of it all.  Castles bring out the whimsy and imagination in all of us, whether it be because of their history or the glitz and glamour.  Unfortunately, not all of us can be royalty, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore castles and treat ourselves to a little adventure every once and a while.  Here are some of our favorite historical castles if you happen to find yourself in, or are looking for a reason to visit the United Kingdom. Continue reading