Fox World Travel Announces Partnership with Domo

To better serve business travel clients Fox World Travel has partnered with Domo to deliver a powerful solution for business intelligence.  Domo, a data visualization platform will allow Fox to create a better experience for its clients by providing a user-friendly interface that delivers interactive data and dashboards from multiple data sources.


Business intelligence, reporting and analytics are some of the most important challenges facing travel managers. Domo will provide clients with high level reporting dashboards and the ability to interact with data through drill down capabilities to transaction level detail.


Domo’s real-time data visualization will allow for proactive decision making using data trends. “Looking at your data from the month prior is like driving through your rear-view mirror,” says Dylan Christian, Fox World Travel’s Data Analytics manager, “Our partnership with Domo will enhance our already strong suite of data based technology solutions, and further enhance our travel program consultation offering.”


Domo is a U.S. based computer software company specializing in business intelligence tools and data visualization across a variety of industries.  For more information, contact Fox World Travel at 888.369.8785 or visit

Fox World Travel announces enhancements to Fox Waivers 3i

Fox World Travel is excited to announce redesigned Fox Waivers 3i traveler communication. Changes have been made to include the traveler’s current flight information, for easy reference, offer an alternate flight option, when available, include a link to the full details of the travel waiver and better support the Fox brand.


Fox Waivers 3i is a revolutionary business travel tool only provided by Fox World Travel. It allows stakeholders to be proactive in times of traveler friction, virtually eliminating stress and anxiety. This waiver technology mitigates the impact of flight disruptions by contacting clients immediately when a waiver is made available by the airline.


Fox Waivers 3i also allows Fox to monitor trends in travel disruptions and efficiently shift staffing to support the events, so when disruptions occur, travelers will always have a team of experts ready to assist.


Fox Waivers 3i uses artificial intelligence to identify when a travel waiver has been issued for a connection point within a traveler’s flight itinerary.  From there, the Waivers 3i platform conducts a flight search looking for another option on the same airline, in the same class of service, but routed through an alternate connection city (or, flying a direct route). If an alternate option is found, it will be included in the e-mail message sent to the traveler.  Fox Waivers 3i takes care of disclosing codeshares, advising of baggage fees, and warning the traveler that availability may be limited on the alternate option.


Fox Waivers 3i has been integrated into the MyFoxWorld mobile app. Users will receive push notifications when when a trip disruption waiver has been made available for any of their trips.


Fox has achieved these enhancements in partnership with FlightStats’s new Travel Waiver Services technology automatically matches traveler itinerary information with airline waiver information issued by Delta, American, United and Alaska Airlines—with more airlines to come—and pushes the information to Fox.


The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led Fox World Travel to become one of the top travel companies in the country. This success is represented in being named to Inc. 5000 four years running and being ranked #34 on the Travel Weekly Power List in 2016 (a ranking of all major business and vacation travel agencies). Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Fox World Travel employs more than 250 associates, averaging more than eight years of service.


About FlightStats

FlightStats, part of FlightGlobal, is a cutting-edge data services company focused on providing real-time global flight data to companies and travelers across the travel ecosystem. We strive to tell the “story” of a flight – from what’s expected, to what is happening now, to what happened. We deliver these stories via our Data Services, and through our FlightStats-branded web and mobile applications. We believe flight data is valuable and is made even more valuable when delivered in conjunction with other contextual data. We manage multiple data sets that relate directly to or intersect with flights – trips, weather, and other aviation-related data.

Successful Women of Fox World Travel

With Monday’s panel of “Successful Women Leading in Business Travel” at this year’s GBTA, we wanted to showcase just some of the amazingly talented women that lead Fox today. All of these women are at GBTA this year, with some giving presentations on topics that have a huge impact on the travel industry.

Beth Marino, Chief Experience Officer / Interim Chief Information Officer

Marino is a highly accomplished travel industry executive with more than two decades of experience. Her strategic leadership positions in operations and technology give her the expertise to understand opportunities from all perspectives.

Marino’s positive and collaborative style has built a team of innovative thinkers at Fox who share a traveler-centric mindset. Under her leadership, Fox has successfully implemented the Business Travel Institute and award-winning Smartpoint adoption, as well as leading-edge initiatives like Fox’s 3i Proprietary Technology suite of traveler tools and data security.

JoHannah Greene, Client Solutions Manager

JoHannah began her career in the travel industry more than 20 years ago as a travel agent before spending 10 years as a corporate travel manager.

As a Client Solutions Manager, Greene has overall responsibility and accountability for the success of our clients’ partnership with Fox World Travel. She applies her previous experience in travel management, and now as an industry expert, to help build successful corporate travel programs through education, innovation and collaboration.

Emily Wright CTE, CCTE, GTP, Client Solutions Manager

Wright has been in the corporate travel industry for more than 20 years. As a Client Solutions Manager, she helps Fox corporate clients build successful corporate travel programs through education and collaboration and by utilizing the travel industry best practices.  She is the Administrator of the Fox Travel Manager Institute.

Wright currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Global Business Travel Association – Wisconsin Chapter (GBTA-WI) as the President/Chairman.  She previously served on the board as the VP of Education and the Director for Direct Members.

Maria Koch, Vice President of Global Sales

Koch has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel industry and joined Fox World Travel in 2006. As the Vice President of Global Sales, Maria is responsible for the strategic expansion of the Fox customer-base, both nationally and multi-nationally. She is responsible for the recruitment and support of an experienced sales force capable of fulfilling our corporate objectives.


Vivian Maxwell-Smith, CCTE, Global Sales Director

Maxwell-Smith has more than 25 years of travel industry experience in the Chicagoland marketplace.  She brings a broad understanding of the travel industry and communication skills that net a business-to-business relationship built upon a solid foundation. Her role with your organization is one of strategic alignment, ensuring travel initiatives and expectations are properly understood and implemented.

She has been an active member of the Chicago Business Travel Association for more than 20 years serving as Chair of the Educational Committee, Allied Council (founded the Square Table to support Allied Education), Co-Chair Volunteer Committee for the 2006 GBTA Annual Meeting in Chicago, CBTA Volunteer Committee (co-founded).  In 2010, Vivian was selected “Member of the Year” by the Chicago Business Travel Association (CBTA). She currently serves on the CBTA Charity/Sponsorship Committee.  Vivian is also a member of WINiT (Women In Travel).

If you want to see when Fox’s presentations are at GBTA, click here. Follow Fox during GBTA on our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fox World Travel Launches Predictive Flight Amenities Technology

Fox World Travel has taken another step towards personalizing the traveler experience.  In partnership with FlightGlobal, Fox is delivering predictive flight amenities to every traveler and also including it on Fox Invoice 3i, an interactive invoice that puts needed trip details directly into the hands of the travelers.


Fox understands travelers have very specific traveler preferences.  Predictive amenities give travelers the information needed to personalize their flight experience by predicting features such as in-seat power, Wi-Fi, and average legroom.


“We take the time to understand the traveler journey and are committed to innovating ways to make it easier.  We are the first FlightGlobal partner to deliver predictive amenities technology directly to our travelers,” said Jeremy Dyken, e-business and custom development manager. “Knowing ahead of time that your seat is likely to have power or Wi-Fi available will be very helpful, particularly for our business travelers.”


“We always appreciate the enthusiasm at Fox to explore potential new data and analytics solutions that improve the traveler experience,” said Robyn Grassanovits, VP of Traveler Services, FlightGlobal.


Fox World Travel’s Fox Invoice 3i is an interactive invoice that goes beyond the reservation and allows companies to connect with travelers by providing intelligent messaging that aligns with their company culture. This was developed using Fox’s 3i Technology philosophy, providing innovative, intuitive, and intelligent solutions.


FlightGlobal is a pioneer in providing aviation intelligence through data and analytics by developing new capabilities to support travel decision making and planning, leveraging their unique combination of expertise, technology and databases.


For more information on Fox Invoice 3i and predictive flight amenities, contact Fox World Travel at 888.369.8785 or visit


The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led Fox World Travel to become one of the top travel companies in the country. This success is represented in being named to Inc. 5000 five years running and being ranked #27 on the 2018 Travel Weekly Power List (a ranking of all major business and vacation travel agencies). Based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Fox World Travel employs more than 260 associates averaging more than eight years of service.


About FlightGlobal

FlightGlobal helps the aviation ecosystem drive superior performance and precision from the largest expanse of data, by setting commercial strategies, managing financial risks, keeping aircraft flying and improving traveler experience. People turn to FlightGlobal for unrivaled data sources, smart analytics and expert market insight to make more informed decisions. Our data and analytics business is the strategic partner to IATA and ARC and our publishing business leads industry breaking news. Acquisitions of Diio, FlightStats, Innovata and Flight Ascend have advanced FlightGlobal’s portfolio creating the most complex datasets in the industry. Making sense of your industry starts with making sense of the right data.


Fox Continues Educational Program to Assist Travel Managers in Building Successful Programs

2019 Dates & Locations Set for Travel Manager Institute

Fox World Travel will continue its focus on providing travel managers the skills and insights needed to succeed through its industry-leading Travel Manager Institute. The program is designed to help travel professionals from various backgrounds and experience levels keep pace with an ever-changing and sometimes complicated industry.

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San Diego, California is one of my favorite destinations to visit in the United States and I can’t wait to go back each time I come home. It is a place where the beaches are beautiful, the city is fun and it has the perfect variety for adults and kids alike. The locals are also friendly and laid back, so anyone can fit right in! Here are some of the must-sees when visiting this wonderful city.

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The Danube River: Short Guide

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3 Steps to Better Travel and Expense Management

If the topic of travel and expense management conjures up images of piles of time-consuming, headache-inducing paperwork, crumpled receipts, confusing spreadsheets and maybe a clunky app, you’re not alone. In fact, according to Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), travelers list expense reporting among the top three frustrations of the travel process. As travel managers and companies strive to reduce traveler friction, bolster employee retention rates and keep control of business travel expenses, the situation is primed for vast improvements. And here’s the good news: business travel experts say technology is at last catching up and helping make business travel expenses easier to manage than ever before.

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Why Use an Incentive Travel Company

Finding a creative, lasting way to thank employees for a job well done or get them excited to work toward a goal can be challenging, which is why many companies are turning toward incentive travel companies. By partnering with a travel management company that offers incentive travel, you can determine what type of incentive travel is right for your staff and which experiences will be rewarding while falling within your budget. Go it alone — at the very least you could be overwhelmed, and at the worst, find that you don’t have the expertise to plan the ideal incentive travel within your available resources.

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